Project Gallery

Flour Mill Museum Relocation

Constructed new concrete building foundations at relocation site. Moved two existing heritage buildings from their former site to the newly developed/relocation site. Installed electrical services and modified the storm sewer system at relocation site. Constructed a new stamped concrete pad and installed new decks around heritage buildings once they were moved into new location.

PGP Phase 2 Secondary Off-Gas Foundations

Supplied, poured and cured concrete (piles and foundations) for the secondary fan building, bent 2A and conveyor flue foundation reinforcing, oil storage, secondary duct, and stack. Supplied, installed and removed formwork and scaffolding as required. Detailed, fabricated, supplied and installed reinforcing, embeds and anchor bolts as required. Project Management included subcontracting out electrical, structural steel and earthworks.

Wesdomes Eagle River Mine Fresh Air Raise (FAR)

Provided excavation and backfill for foundations including granular supply. Formed and poured concrete foundations for heater house, fan, discharge cone, large transition, small transition and elbow with reinforcing. Supplied and installed anchor bolts for fan, discharge cone, large transition, small transition and elbow foundations.

Scaffold Access

Provided scaffold access around a cone shape vessel. Supplied all supervision, labour, material and total system scaffolding components as required and identified on job specific site visit. Material delivery to respective workplaces. 

V.G.- 900 & 1600 Scaffold Access

Supplied scaffold components, supervision, and labour for the installation and removal of scaffold access. Material delivery to respective workplaces.  

Boiler Foundations

Excavation, backfill, form and rebar provided for new concrete foundations. Installed two new door penetrations in block wall, and one new set of stairs. Moved two existing set of stairs and some existing handrails.

Forming of Concrete Grade Beams

Supplied and installed formwork required for Block 1, 2, 3 and 4, as well as formwork needed for grade beams. Concrete placed and finished as required for Block 1, 2, 3 and 4, as well as grade beams and slab.

Miscellaneous Projects