Sudbury INO Smelter PGP Civil Foundations

GCCW was contracted by Glencore to manage the civil package for a building addition to house a new concentrate storage tank for their Smelter site. The project consisted of 209 helical piles, excavation/backfill, forming, reinforcing, and pouring of 290 m³ of concrete, as well as sewer and 5 existing utility trestle relocation. All work was done within the operating Smelter with zero impact to the smelting process.

GCCW faced several unforeseen challenges throughout this project including difficult ground conditions, winter construction during record snowfalls and low temperatures.

GCCW completed the civil package for the new #18 Substation at Glencore’s Smelter. The project included 2 new High Voltage Pole Foundations, Transformer Foundations, E‐house Foundations, and the installation of 200 feet of pre‐cast electrical duct bank. A total of 80 m³ of concrete was poured in a two-month period during challenging winter conditions, on time and on budget.

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