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A group of Sudbury businesses joined forces to raise $50,000 for Health Sciences North Foundation.

The funds raised by Patrick Mechanical Ltd., Patrick Sprack Ltd. and Greater City Concrete Works Ltd. will help ensure patients in Northeastern Ontario continue to have access to the latest in medical equipment for better care, said the Foundation in a news release.

“Our community continues to amaze us with their generosity in supporting our people and the patients they serve each and every day at Health Sciences North,” said Anthony Keating, president and chief development officer, Foundations and Volunteer Groups at HSN.

“This very generous $50,000 donation will ensure that our health-care team continues to have what they need to provide quality patient care, even in the face of these challenging times.”

“In appreciation of all the additional services and efforts set out by Health Sciences North during these unusual times, our workers and group of companies would like to donate to support the continued health care efforts that impact our community,” said Douglas Patrick, president, Patrick Mechanical Ltd.

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